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How to Create a Campaign and Sync Bizible Touchpoints

To create a Campaign in Salesforce, navigate to the Campaigns tab and select ‘New’ as shown in the image below. Depending on your Salesforce setup, you might need to add Campaigns to the top bar by clicking the plus (+) icon.

When you are creating this campaign, click the “Enable Bizible Touchpoints” field and select one of the following options from the picklist:

  • Include all campaign members
    • This option enables Bizible to attribute a Touchpoint to each campaign member.
  • Include “Responded” campaign members.
    • This option applies Touchpoints to campaign members who have a “Responded” status.
  • Exclude all campaign members.
    • This option does not attribute Touchpoints to any members in the campaign and acts as a flag that the campaign was deliberately excluded from Bizible. If you ever sync a campaign with Bizible Touchpoints on accident, you can change the status to "Exclude all campaign members," and the Touchpoints will be removed.   

Once one of these selections is chosen, Bizible will assign each campaign member a Touchpoint if applicable. The Lead or Contact that is added to the campaign must have an email address associated to their record in order for Bizible to create a touchpoint. Without an email address, Bizible will not assign a touchpoint to the campaign member.

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