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Numbered Headings


Why are numbers appearing in the CSV

If no value is entered at a higher level like Channel or Subchannel, Bizible will automatically sum of the child levels for you, which will be presented once your file is uploaded. Also, if the sum of the children is less than a value entered for the parent, Bizible will add an “Other” row to show the difference in the total.

How are the Campaigns determined in the list that I’m seeing?

At the moment, our results list out Campaigns that we’ve seen get credited with a Touchpoint. If there was activity from a Campaign, we’ll show that Campaign based on the Touchpoint Date that it occurred.

There are too many rows and columns to sift through - can you consolidate the view?

With the ability to change the date range, or filter the channel, or search for values, you can consolidate the results of the table to better fit your needs.

Why can’t I upload a file?

We have different permission sets within the Bizible App. In order to upload a file, you need to be an “AccountAdmin.” To get around this, please request access from your AccountAdmin or have your AccountAdmin upload the file on your behalf. A list of users and their roles can be found under My Account > Settings > View/Add Account Users.

Marketo whats next

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