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What other Touchpoint fields are populated?
Touchpoint FieldValue
Lead/ContactAll activities are related to a Lead or Contact
CampaignChannel.Subchannel [Bizible]
Touchpoint SourceSalesforce Activity
Dynamics Activity
Touchpoint TypeActivity.Type
Ad Campaign NameBizible Campaign Name
Ad ContentActivity Subject
Ad IdActivity External Id
Touchpoint Date[custom - set in apps]
What if I need to create a different rule for each Sales Rep? Do I need to create different Bizible Campaigns for each?


In the example above, to assign the “Outbound Call {Assigned To}” campaign to the BDR channel, you’ll want to insert a row in your Online Channels CSV for the BDR channel with a campaign definition of “Outbound Call*” - the asterisk denotes a wildcard value, so all campaigns that start with “Outbound Call” will fall under the BDR channel, rather than having to create a separate row for each campaign name.

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