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  • Full Navigation Links: We've enabled navigation to all permissioned applications, such as Hootsuite, Calendar, and more.

  • Email, Landing Page, Snippet, Form, Image, and File List Views: View, search, and take mass actions on any of your assets in Design Studio.

  • Image, File, and Snippet Details Page: Get quick details about your assets with metadata like created at/by and actions like delete and approve.

  • Community Blog Posts Widget: Access recent posts from the Community within My Marketo.

  • Expiring Soon Widget: Add the “Expiring Soon” widget to your My Marketo dashboard to see which campaigns and landing pages are set to expire next.  

  • More Rules for Smart ListsList Cards: Segment and target appropriately with additional smart list cards, including “Create Task” flow step, CRM smart list rules, and more.

  • Email Champion/Challenger Details Page: See data like winning criteria, created at, etc. from your email champion/challenger tests.

  • Test Streams: Gain visibility into which streams are sending to which users in real time.