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You have a few pre-built themes you can just choose from. But if you love editing CSS, you can make any changes you want. Here's how.

Marketo note

Make sure you know CSS if you want to try this, as Marketo Support is not set up to assist with custom coding. Also, these any changes made will apply only apply to the form you are 're currently editing.

Numbered Headings
Go to Marketing Activities.
Select your form and click Edit Form. 
Go to Form Settings. 
Select the theme you want to make changes to.
Under the gear icon, click View Theme CSS.
Feel free to cut/paste this CSS to your own editor. It's read-only, so you will only need the override CSS.
Click Close.
Under the gear icon, click Edit Custom CSS.
Enter your custom CSS. You don't need all of it, just the parts that are different.
When you're done, click Save.
To see your customized form, click Preview Draft.
And that's that!