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Select the event you created. Open the Event Actions drop-down. Choose Event Settings.

Marketo note

The channel type of the event selected must be webinar.

Under Event Partner, select WebEx.

Under Login, choose your WebEx login.

Under Event, choose your freshly created WebEx event. Then, select an optional Back-up Page and click Save.

Select an optional Back-up Page for your WebEx event. Choose from the drop-down of approved Marketo landing pages or enter the URL of a non-Marketo landing page.

Marketo tip

Set a Back-up Page to direct a member to a specific page if they click on their custom event URL prior to the event's start time.

Sweet! Your WebEx event is now synced with your Marketo event.
Marketo note

The fields Marketo sends over are: First Name, Last Name, Email Address.

People who sign up for your webinar will get pushed to your webinar provider via the Change Program Status flow step . Be when the New Status is set to "Registered." No other status will push the person over. Also, be sure to make that Change Program Status flow step 1#1, and sending the confirmation email Send Email flow step 2#2.

Marketo caution

Avoid using nested email programs to send out your confirmation emails. Use the event program's smart campaign instead, as shown above.

Marketo tip

It can take up to 48 hours for the data to appear in Marketo. If after waiting that long you still don't see anything, select Refresh from Webinar Provider from the Event Actions menu in the Summary tab of your event.