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Go to the Marketing Activities area.

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Right-click a program and select New Folder.

Name the new folder and press Enter.


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In Marketo you have the ability to convert existing folders into Archive folders.  Archive folders exist in Marketing Activities, Lead Database, and Design Studio.

When you archive a folder:

  • The folder and assets are no longer visible in search results. If you search for a Program or Event that’s inside an archived folder, the results return a collapsed view of the archived folder
  • The assets in the folder no longer appear in auto suggest
  • Archived templates are not available when creating an email or landing page in Design Studio
  • Archived pages can’t be used in landing page test groups


Functionality that will not change when archiving:

  • Global search still finds results in archived folders
  • An asset that’s in use will continue to work even after it’s archived
  • You can use a filter to select archived assets for use in reports
  • Archived assets are not deactivated. They must also be deactivated if you want them to stop running