Use custom objects in Marketo to track metrics specific to your business. This could be anything from cars, to courses–-whatever you would like to model in Marketo to run your campaigns.

Create a Custom Object

Click Admin, and in the tree, select Database Management > Marketo Custom Objects.

Click New Custom Object.

Enter a display name. The API Name and Plural Name populate automatically, but you can edit them. Enter a description (optional).

You can edit these fields when you're creating them, but after they're saved, you can't.


Slide the Show in Lead Detail to display Show if you want to view custom object data on the Lead Database page. Click Save.

Why wouldn't you want to see custom objects on the Lead Detail page? Well, if you created a large number of them, they could take up a lot of space.

The custom object information displays the information you entered. Notice that it's in a Draft state. The next step is for you to build out your custom object. Click the link below to do that.

Add Fields to a Custom Object