Track an action a lead has taken specific to your business with custom activities.

What are Activities

There are several ways a lead can interact with your organization. They may visit your company's website, attend one of your tradeshows, or perhaps click a link in an email you sent them. These actions are activities, and whatever action they take, Marketo captures it so your Marketing Team can better understand how to send your leads timely and relevant communication.

Custom Activities

Custom activities help you track an activity that isn't related to a Marketo form, email, or landing page. Want to track when someone deposits a check? Use a custom activity. Want to keep tabs on when someone attends a webinar? Use a custom activity.

Custom activities differ from custom objects. Use custom objects when the value can change (i.e. "car color" changes from blue to red). Use custom activities when tracking moments that occurred, and their details cannot change (i.e. "purchased car"). 

Getting Started

Custom activities function just like standard activities. Setting them up however is a two-part process.

Step 1: Create a custom activity in your Marketo account

Step 2: The person in your organization who works with our API can then begin the implementation. More information can be found here: Custom Activity API

Have fun!