Click the text area to work on your text style and content.

Click the Main Text to edit inline.

Choose font color. Click the color picker or enter Hex or RGB numbers.

Click the arrows to select a type size.

Too large a type size may push your text into multiple lines, and not display properly.

Choose font style: Bold, Italic, Underline



Choose alignment: Left, Center, Right.

The type font that's rendered in the ad is the standard one for the platform: Helvetica for Apple and Roboto for Android

Check the box to select Text tap action. This works the same as the image tap action (see Create In-App Message Images).


Click the Supporting Text to edit it inline. It works the same way as the Main text.


Click the Token icon to add a token to the Main text or the Supporting text.

Next, you need to set up your in-app message button.