Browse our collection of example templates, for use with the Guided Landing Page Editor. Each template is fully responsive and based off of the Bootstrap framework.

To import a template into Marketo:

  1. Click on the name of the template for larger view.
  2. Download the template chosen.
  3. In Marketo, navigate to the Design Studio.
  4. Click Landing Pages in the left-hand tree, then select Templates.
  5. In the menu bar, click Import Template.
  6. Choose the downloaded file, enter a template name, then click Import (make sure to pick a descriptive name and indicate that editing mode is Guided).


Template 1-ATemplate 1-BTemplate 1-C
Template 1-DTemplate 1-ETemplate 1-F
Template 2-ATemplate 2-BTemplate 2-C
Template 2-DTemplate 3-ATemplate 3-B
Template 3-CTemplate 3-DTemplate 4-A
Template 4-BTemplate 4-CTemplate 5-A
Template 5-BTemplate 5-CTemplate 5-D
Template 5-ETemplate 6-ATemplate 6-B
Template 6-CTemplate 6-DTemplate 6-E
Template 7-ATemplate 7-BTemplate 7-C
Template 7-DTemplate 7-ETemplate 7-F
Template 8-ATemplate 8-BTemplate 8-C
Template 8-DTemplate 8-ETemplate 8-F
Template 8-GTemplate 9-ATemplate 9-B
Template 9-CTemplate 9-DTemplate 9-E
Template 9-FTemplate 10-ATemplate 10-B
Template 10-CTemplate 10-DTemplate 10-E
Template 10-FTemplate 11-ATemplate 11-B
Template 11-CTemplate 11-DTemplate 11-E
Template 11-FTemplate 12-ATemplate 12-B
Template 12-CTemplate 12-DTemplate 12-E
Template 12-FTemplate 13-ATemplate 13-B
Template 13-CTemplate 13-DTemplate 13-E
Template 14-ATemplate 14-BTemplate 14-C
Template 14-DTemplate 14-ETemplate 15-A
Template 15-BTemplate 15-CTemplate 15-D
Template 15-ETemplate 16-ATemplate 16-B
Template 16-CTemplate 16-DTemplate 16-E
Template 17-ATemplate 17-BTemplate 17-C
Template 17-DTemplate 17-ETemplate 18-A
Template 18-BTemplate 18-CTemplate 18-D
Template 18-ETemplate 19-ATemplate 19-B
Template 19-CTemplate 19-DTemplate 19-E
Template 20-ATemplate 20-BTemplate 20-C
Template 20-DTemplate 20-E