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Not all customers have purchased this functionality. Contact your Customer Success Manager for more information.

Written Instructions

What You Need to Get Started

Who You Need to Get Started

Sales Connect Admins

You'll receive an email from Marketo with a link to reset your password. After you create a new password, log in to Sales Connect.

To complete setup, you must do the following:

Connect Your Sales Connect Account to Salesforce

To connect your Sales Connect account to your Salesforce account, as an Admin or a non-Admin, follow the steps in this article.

The instance of Salesforce you connect to must be the same instance that is (or will be) connected to Marketo.

Acquiring Credentials Prior to Connecting Sales Connect with Marketo

You'll need to get a set of credentials from within Marketo. These credentials will be used later by the Sales Connect Admin to connect Marketo with Sales Connect.

In Marketo, click Admin.

In the tree, click Sales Connect.

Select and send the following Marketo credentials to your Sales Connect Admin: Munchkin ID, Client ID, Client Secret.

When you copy and paste the above info, make sure no spaces get added.

Connect Sales Connect to Marketo

In Sales Connect, click the gear icon and select Settings.

Under Admin Settings, select Marketo.

Input the Marketo credentials provided by the Marketo Admin and click Connect.

Invite/Provision Users

If any users already exist on your account (previously from ToutApp), they'll show up in the Team Access tab of the Marketo section of Sales Connect.

You can provision your team as a Marketo Sales Connect User from this page. If you've never used ToutApp, or have yet to invite users, follow the steps in this article.

Please wait ten minutes after connecting Sales Connect with Marketo before performing these steps.

Select one or more users, then click Connect.

You can only do the workspace assignment once at the time of inviting users. After it's set, you'll have to disconnect the user in order to change it.

If your Marketo subscription has workspaces enabled, you'll be able to assign workspaces to each user or set of users in bulk. If no workspaces are selected, we’ll assign them to the Default Marketo workspace.

Click the Workspace drop-down, select your desired workspace(s), and click Connect.

If you want to add new users, go to the Team Management section of Admin Settings and click the Invite Users button.

You can additional users from the Team Management page and follow the steps above to get them connected.

Video Instructions

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