When you install the toutapp package in Salesforce, there will be some pre-built dashboards. Learn how to set up your own dashboards below.

 Reporting for Salesforce is only available in Enterprise subscriptions.

Open and Click Report

Select the Tasks and Events record type.
Define the report parameters based on your desired time frame and hierarchy structure.
Add a filter to remove internal emails logged to Salesforce (e.g. Company/Account not equal to ToutApp Inc.).
Select the Summary report format.
Add the Subject, Assigned, and Tout Clicked/Tout Viewed fields to the report.
Double-click on Add Formula within the Fields pane.
Add a name to the formula, select Percent in the format, and select Grouping 1.
Select Tout Clicked/Tout Viewed, then Sum in the Summary Fields.
Add a divide sign to the formula, and then select Record Count in the Summary fields – Save As.

Template Performance Report

Customize the Open and Click report to include the following fields – Save As.

Template Volume Report

Modify the Template Performance Report and include the filter, "Tout Template not equal to blank."
Remove the Tout Clicked field – Save As.

Trending Accounts Report

Select Activities with Accounts record type.
Setup the report parameters and fields as indicated below – Save As.