Personas are a great way to segment your ABM audience and market to a specific subset of people.

Add a Persona

In My Marketo, click Admin.

In the tree, select ABM.

Click Edit.

The Job Title persona is included by default. It cannot be modified or deleted.

To add additional personas, click +Add.

Give your persona a name, and select the corresponding field in the drop-down. You can add up to two additional personas. Click Save when done.

Using Personas

View your personas by visiting a specific Named Account.

Select the desired Named Account.

Click the Personas tab.

All of your personas are listed. Click on a number to see the list of people.

The X in the Title Persona acts as a wild card character. For example, "CXO" will include CEOs, CFOs, etc.

Persona Filters

Use persona filters in a smart list to market to a specific group of people.