Sometimes you may need to modify an email's underlying HTML. Sometimes you may use an external system to design and build your email's code. Either way, you can easily import and/or edit code from within the email editor.


Select your email and click Edit Draft.

Click Edit Code

Make any changes. Click Save when done.

Change whatever you want. You can replace the entire HTML or make minor adjustments.

Click the Code Actions drop-down to download the code as an .html file, inline your CSS, or validate the HTML.

The best practice for emails is to make all your styles inline. Several email clients don't support CSS within the <head> section.

Breaking an Email From its Template

These code changes will not break an email from its template:

These things you can do in the code editor will break the email from its template:

Search Code

Use the Search Code functionality to efficiently find and replace content within your email’s HTML code.

In your email's code, click Search Code.

Enter what you want to find and click Find Next to search forward or Find Previous to search backwards. You also have the option to Replace and Replace All.

Click Close when done.

Search Code is also available in the Email Template editor.

We recommend that you continue to edit your emails using Marketo's built-in functionality, but this code editor does provide flexibility if you need it.