When you create a report in a program, choose what type of report you want.

Most Used Reports


People Performance Report Group people by any attribute and include opportunity info. Drill down and explore.
Email Link Performance Stats on the individual links in your emails.
Email Performance Review interactions with your emails: delivered or bounced, opened, clicked, unsubscribed, etc.
Sales Insight Email Performance Review interactions with your emails sent through Marketo Sales Insight in Salesforce, Microsoft Dynamics, and the Outlook and Gmail plug-in.
People by Status Report Automatic reporting based on the Person Status field.
People by Revenue Stage Report Basic reporting for your Revenue Model. See Revenue Cycle Analytics for deeper reporting.
Landing Page Performance Not a replacement for Google Analytics, but still really good information.
Program Performance Basic program metrics like members and success. See Revenue Cycle Analytics for deeper reporting.
Company Web Activity Report on web activity to your landing pages and public website, grouped by company.
Web Page Activity Report on web activity to your landing pages and public website.
Social InfluenceReview the social activity you're generating, and see how often your people tell their friends about you.
Engagement Stream Performance Report

See how well your engagement program is working.

Miscellaneous Reports

Not as useful as the report types above, but still available.


Campaign Activity Smart Campaign processing stats.
Campaign Email Performance Email performance, grouped by Smart Campaigns.

To see all the things you can do with these reports, see the Basic Reporting deep dive.