A token is a variable that can be used in Marketo smart campaign flow steps, emailslanding pages, snippets, and web campaigns.

Understanding Default Values

When you use a token, you also want to provide a default value. This is the text that shows if a person doesn't have a value for the field you're referencing.

In this example, the email will say "Greetings, (first name)" or "Greetings, earthling" (default value).  


Tokens do not work in the preheader when using Marketo's email editor. To use a token in the preheader, it must be via your own HTML in an email template.

This list is not exhaustive. Tokens are also created for every custom field that you have in Marketo.

Person Tokens

Company Tokens

Campaign Tokens

System Tokens

Learn more about these tokens in the System Tokens Glossary.

Trigger Tokens

Find more details about tokens for interesting moments based on triggers used in a smart campaign.

Program Tokens

My Tokens

My Tokens are defined within a program and begin with '{{my.' followed by the name you created for the token. Learn more about My Tokens in a program.

Member Token

Member Tokens are used to insert unique values from integrated services partners. A common use of Member Tokens is for unique URLs for webinar attendees. Each person has a unique URL to access the webinar that can be inserted using a {{member.webinar url}} token. The {{member.webinar url}} token automatically resolves the person’s unique confirmation URL generated by the service provider.

The {{member.webinar url}} token will only populate if the smart campaign that sends the email is a child asset of the Event Program.